A short film written and directed 
John Harden
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Quick facts:
- Narrative Scifi-Drama
- Duration aprox. 16 min
"Critic's Award for Excellence" 
for Best Short Film at FilmFest Twain Harte, 2014
- Official selection Chicago Underground Film Festival 2015

An elderly couple, revived from cryonic preservation, face the joys and challenges of a second life in the distant future. 

Jared Abrahamsson 
Joslin Jensen
 Jennifer Lafleur

Produced by John & Sheila Harden
Produced by Don R. Lewis
Associate Producers Skot Christophersen
                           Barry K. Lanyon
Editor John Harden
Director of photography Kirk Douglas
Casting Director Don R. Lewis
Line Producer Kurtis Hermes
First Assistant Director Alun Lee
First Assistant Director Kurtis Hermes

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We are introduced to a young man, who has lived a long and interesting life, suffering from cancer and dying the day before his 70th birthday. We already from the beginning as an audience understand that we are entering a new and different place, with a new continuity and a new interpretation of what the present/past is. As Hugh wakes up in this new strange place, we are just as curious as himself on how he apparently died and ended up there.

Once he finds himself being alive we soon get introduced to what we understand to be his wife. They are both young again now, brought back to life in a new "dimension." They get brought to a house that is an exact replica from the 20th century, where they can live and get on with their new lives. We are being dragged between weather to live in this new world, apart from the world and everyday life we are used to. It awakens your thoughts as a viewer, and your being forced to pay attention to be able to get your head around, where and what is happening. Which is a good pull from the director, managing to drag the audience into the action and keep them there as the suspense increases. As well as it leaves us with unanswered questions. What is this place? Who are these people from this dimension? Why are they brought back to life? We get eager to want to know more.

Strong contrasts are introduced in a balanced but clear way, comparing new to old. Questioning the relevance between whats familiar and what is not, how it affect us as humans and how it impacts our well-being. All very relatable and important aspects and themes. That viewers can easily feel connected and familiar with, when comparing the content to their own lives. Which is a very important aspect of maintaining the viewers attention throughout the film. Which here, is done really well. As Hugh and his wife, Candace, are struggling to find out what their hearts are now truly desiring. Now that they have already had a lifetime together.

John manages to create a new sense of normality and abstraction, in a sci-fi dimension, and at the same time makes it feel very natural. We dont get thrown off by cheesy or rubbish effects, or creations. But the film is rather sticking to a good and believable design and constructions.

There are several things I like about this film. First of all, I like how it portrays the struggle of finding yourself again, after dying and now having to start a new life again. Different from the one you had before, but also the same. I mainly like how the storyline as well as the time it is set in, is totally different from what I have seen before. Usually sci-fi tend to "work the same way" and the stories are often very similar or overdone. I like how this film manages to bring sci-fi in to the spotlight, without overdramatising it. How it keeps the story itself and the expression of the film clean and simple. Aesthetically well executed, and cinematography is also very nicely done.

It is clear that this production has been planned and gone through a hundred times, before actually going out to make it. Time, effort and heart has been poured in to it, and that shows on screen. I must also mention how I like the focus in the clips and also the strong and pure colour scheme that has been chosen.

How this short film affected and influenced my own project, was by the fact that it is able to tell a quite heavy story in a simple, yet effective way. Considering that my story is also quite intricate and could be a bit hard to pull off, if not done the right way. I find this film to be a good inspiration to have as a goal, and to try to be able to achieve the same. And as I also mentioned, the cinematography is very nice, I like how it uses wide shots, as well as medium shots continuously throughout the film. And also being able to incorporate detail shots that is full of information and emotions. It also shows in a really good way, how the writer has been able to create and maintain moments. Which is truly important to get a good story.

A great short film that is definitely worth seeing, enjoyed every moment, and it kept me in my seat as I was eager to find out what had happened to Hugh and his wife. I wanted to follow their journey, to see where they would end up. John Harden is a talented guy, with a powerful and intriguing story. I also have to mention, that I am not the biggest fan of sci-fi, but that I actually really, really liked this one.

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