My idea for The Meeting
Story-telling unit

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Boy discovers his sexual orientation, through falling in love with a depressed mans lost diary, and dedicates his time to find what seems to be his soulmate.

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There is this boy, in his late teens, spending a lot of his time, reading and hanging out in the local bookshop. One day as a young man is about to leave the bookshop, he slightly bumps into the teen-boy on his way out. This causes his notebook/diary to "fall" and hit the floor. In a rush the young man leaves, and at the same time the teen-boy picks up the book. He doesn't have time to react or run after the man, before its too late. He is gone.

As the teen-boy starts going through the mans diary, as to see if he can find who it belongs to. He discovers a sad and depressed young man in the texts he read. Even though he have never met this man, nor have known of his own sexuality to feel or be this way before. He gets to know himself, on such a deeper level, than he never thought would be possible. Just simply by getting to know the man in the diary. He finds it to be his task to find the man in the book. Find out who the person that has become such a big part of his life, and who he believes to be his soulmate, is.

He sets off to find the man. The young man he so eagerly wants to meet. He uses the diary as a tool to try and help find him. Fail and success, he runs into obstacles and judgement on his quest, but with a determination of love he pulls himself together and does not give up.

What we dont know, but what turns out to be the truth and reality is, that the young man dropped the diary in the bookshop on purpose. He wanted someone to find it, someone to know his story. By the time the teen-boy reaches his soulmate, the young depressed man has already taken his own life.

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My idea is to portray the story in a way that will not show who the young man is. This way it is up to the audience to imagine who the mysterious person in the diary is. By the time they realize or get to know that the person is a man, would work as a twist in the story. And also by the time the story gets to the end, the audience so badly would want the teen-boy to find his soulmate. They want him to succeed on his quest. Unfortunately they will not get what they want, and have to settle with the fact that what could have been an amazing love story, never was meant to be at all. 

Location: Bookshop, about the hometown of the teenage-boy and by the river.


- in his late teens 17-19 y.o
- medium hight 
- bright outlook on life
- adventurous 

Young man;
- 20-25 y.o
- medium/tall, taller than teenage-boy
- depressed
- handsome

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