// Camera Workshop


No. 1

- - - -

On Monday 5th of Oct. we started off with our first camera workshop. We went through both of the Sony cameras we have at the studio, and all of the general functions on them. 

- Sony XDCAM PMW-200 -
- Sony XDCAM PMW-100 -

Here is a quick recap-video from our workshop-session. That I shot using the 
Sony PMW-100 camera.

- - - -

We were given a few tasks to test out the focus on the camera and a couple of different shot frames. After the tasks were solved we spent some time watching what everybody had done.

I found this workshop to be informative. We got to learn in a pace, not too fast and not to slow. And I think it was a good thing we focused on a few aspects of the cameras, and not everything all at once. 

Luckily for me I was already familiar with the Sony PMW-200 and it was really fun to get to "play" around with it again, after a couple of months not touching a film camera. 

I also thought it was exciting to see the different ideas people came up with, out of such a little task. A fun day, with some new experiences and a bit more development to bring in the bag of knowledge. 

- - - -

//All images shot by me 
with Cannon 600D

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