Story-telling Short Project


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Characters:    Minor Celebirty
                       Political Activist
Location:       Nightclub

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Who are the characters? 

Minor celeberty: 
- Natalie
- Female who takes care of her apperance.
- Has long luxurious golden brown hair.
- Curvy and fit
- Tanned skin
- Mini role/mini series
- Sitcom/comedy-drama called "Life of the Unicorns"
- Her role was the blonde dumb girl, and the media eventually branded her as being as her character in real life.
- When she became famous, she abounded her family to live the sweet life.
-ended up losing her job after being shamed for allegedly saying something about a political leader.
- Now working as waitress in a club.

Where does she come from?

Her family home was a smal, tight cramped home. Had the golden chance to gain fame and fortune. Which led to her having more to lose.

Political Activist: 
- James
- Tall, slender, good looking (- Which allowed him to be excused for his wrong doings)
- Has his own political talk show
- Formal Style
- Snobby look to his face
- Sometimes shames celebrities for their political views
- He is the cause for the once famous celebrity losing her job and getting a bad reputation
- He doesn¨t realize the struggles of the people he shames.

Where does he come from?

Comes from a high class background and have wealthy parents.

Why are they meeting?

- They are meeting by chance
- He is there for a drink with friends from work
- Recognizes her

The goal is for James to have a change in heart, after seeing the damage his work can cause. 
The goal for Natalie is to finally find lousier and move on on her family and career. 

James is unaware of the consequences that was caused after he shamed Natalie. After Natalie recognizes him as she serves him in the club, she begins to act erratically and makes him aware of the downfalls he has caused. James is unable to answer her questions and gradually feels guilt and shame.

Tv host, James, changes as a character because he realize the severity in his words, and acknowledges that he has been blind to other people and their feelings. Goes from being self-centered to become more openhearted.

Natalie learns to gradually let go of her bitterness and all the hatred she has built up towards James. She eventually tries to get her life back on track, and to fix her relationship with her family.

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