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1ST SHOOTING DAY - Sunday 27th of November - Mandala Artist
- For my first shooting day I was filming the artist Elena, who is a passionate actor and Mandala artist. She is often inspired by the sea, beaches and light house that used to be where she lived in spain, before she moved to England a couple of months ago. We met up outside of Camden market and walked in the direction of the location I had found prior to filming. We set up for shooting and was lucky with the weather, alotough it did get a bit cloudy and started to dripple at the end of shoot - which made us quickly take down her artwork so it would not be ruined.

- I was lucky to have my friend as assistant this day, Solveig aka Sunny, and she took some behind the scenes shots, as well as camera assisted and helpted out with set and the shooti in general.

- The shoot was done in about an hour, and we went to the market afterwards to have some lovley food and ended up talking about loads of interesting topics about the actor and television/film industry.

2ND SHOOTING DAY - Tuesday29th of November - Bathtub scenes

- On the second shooting day my friend - Sunny, was kind enough to step in and be the "girl in teh bathrom character" We started filming about 12.00/13.00 and filmed for about an hour to two, unfortuntly the light started dissapairing, as well as we could not use the ceiling light in the bathroom as it messed up the screen frequenses when pointing the camera anywhere in the room.

- Therefore we had to make use of the day light, whch turned out to be a bit of a challenge when it started dissapairing, but we did get everything shot in the end. However, some of the shots resulted in a bit of a lower production value because of this. 

- I feel Sunny did a great job, and I did not reallt want a professional actor for this part, as I wanted to keep it true to how a "normal" person can have it, and what we all at some points go through in life, and how we are affected by social media. 

3RD SHOOTING DAY - Wednesday 30th of November - Parkour

- The third shooting day I went film the UCLU´s Parkour group/society , I contacted them via Facebook and agreed to meet up with them outside Kings Cross station. I met some of them at the meeting spot early and got to know one of the boys that would become one of the main "characters"/artists we meet.

- Filmed for a good couple of hours before the darkness invaded the shoot, we lost daylight, the police came to tell the parkour team they could no longer perform wehere we were, so I decided to leave not long after that.

-  I attempted to do a matrix experiment, where I marked up spots with bright orange grip tape on the ground, in a half arch/half circle. Got Theo to perform the same trick on the wall, however it got darker and darker as we shot this, as well as the other people of the group constntly was in the way or about and around training. I think it still might look alright, even though I´d be only able to use half the arch in the final edit because of the darkness.

4TH SHOOTING DAY - 11th of December - Graffiti, Parkour, Dancer & Construction work

- I was looking for "The House of Vans" (indoor skatepark/house in London), as I stubled upon a underground passage tunnel, where in one of the ends there was this open area with daylight whereas different graffiti artists were expressing themselves and creating artwork on the walls.
as I hadnt had any luch with skaters yet, I decided to ask one of them if I could film him, and luckily he agreed. So I ended up switching him out with the use of skaters completely.

- I had to, on this day, go out to Tring - towards Northampton to meet up with Theo again, as when daylight suddenly dissapaired on the previous shoot, I had totally forgot about the sparkler and looking into camera part. So I went out there to film that, as well as we shot some additional footage where he did a couple of tricks.We spent about an hour doing this, before I went back to central london, to film the dancer.

- Next on the schedual for that day was meeting up with the dancer I was lucky to get hold of as all the others had dropped out or was not able to do the days I suggested and offered. It was a coincidence wich dance-form I ended up having in my film, as I was open to any style of dance as I simply wished to present the arform of dance in general. We filmed for about an hour on the Southbank skatepark and turned out quite nice location and colour wise, compared to the still and plain tunnel I was originally filming in. We had a nice meal after filming, talking about the industry and both our different projects.

- Throughout the day I kept finding construction work and buildings that I took snapshots off, and decided to fillm that on the go, as I couldnt really predict where there would be building work and constructions going on. Luckily there was quite a few on the soutbank and in the area around there.

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Call sheets - For this production I did not end up using call sheets, for the very reason that I could not possibly film everything all at once. Mainly because there was never a day all the different "characters" was able to do. It was much easier and stress-friendly in a limited time to give messages and details directly and promptly - whereas not to be delayed by having to change a call sheet. Normally I would have used a call sheet, but I had to take this project as an exeption, because of the time limits, people equipment hires, drop outs as well as to be as efficiant as possible. 

//Images screengrabs from Raw footage

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