Test Shoot !


On Wednesday the 5th of Oct we all met up at the studios to have the previously mentioned photoshoot, as well as we sat the camera up to run through and have a test shoot of the news episode. We wanted to do this to see how long it would be, as time does play a major factor to the production. As well as to see how the script and content would look on screen.

On the actual studio bit we will be shooting with a greenscreen, however we did not set this up for the test shoot, as we wanted to go through the greenscreen work shops coming up before taking on that task. We have however thought through how to light the greenscreen, and are planning on preapering for shooting day through the workshops.




Turns out we are doing quite alright on time, and it gave us a good understanding of how our content would come across in the final piece. We have made a few adjustments in the script since the test shoot, as we have now decided to do a live challenge in the live bit, instead of peoples reaction to our viral video. Therefore we have had to change some dialouge around, but the majority of the script is still the same, except from some more freshly added humour.

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