Live Rehearsal


  • On Wednesday the 12th of Oct we had a live rehearsal run through with our co-presenter George Wing at the studios. We made sure that he got a updated script before the run through so he was prepared to go through what his actual lines would be on the day of the shooting. As we were not going to use the auto-cue for the live piece, he would have to learn his lines by memory. 

  • As the sound person I was thinking about how we would have to record the voices and atmos sounds in the actual live. We agreed that I would also be operating the still wide shot camera, as Nisserin will be on a shoulder rigged camera, Becca will be keeping track of time and count score for one of the contestants and Josh will be keeping track of the challenge time, track the score of the other contestant and hand over the results.

  • Nisserin came up with the idea to shoot the rehearsal so we would get a clearer idea of how the live would actually look on the day. This was a great attribute, and really helped us in the further planning for the actual live shoot. 
  • The rehearsal went well, and it was really helpfull for both us and George, for us to see what and how to handle the shoot on the day. And for George to be more confident with his lines and have more of a sense how the challenge will actually unfold.

//Images from Becca´s blog, 
from a video recording taken by Nisserin

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