Interview Workshop


The first workshop we have had during this unit is an interview workshop where we as the first half of it went through sound recording techniques with Ferg. After that, we had the rest of the day to set up an interview setting, where we were to record pre-made questions that we had prepared. It is really eye-opening to see how much time actually goes into setting up and shooting an interview.

After shooting the interview we got a second task to set up a double interview, interviewing two people at the same time. This turned out to be quite challenging and I learned quite a lot from it, how not tot does it, as well as how to solve it in a better way.

Imogen and I decided to edit it together as our groups got changed around. We edited the interview footage over easter, so it would be ready for completion. To finish it off we shot some cutaway clips on the editing day to put in between the interview clips.

During the workshop, we did run into some challenges regarding the sound when recording to people. This was also because of lack of kit. But we basically worked with what we had to make it work. Another time I would have made sure to kit up with enough kit, as well as using long enough time, like we did under the workshop, to set up to make sure the sound gets right. 

It is better to use half an hour to an hour to prepare/set up - be there early and be prepeared. 

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