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The Mentalist - Flame Red
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The day started fairly early getting up at 05.00 leaving for Maidstone at 06.20, picking up cameraman Josh on the way. One of the actors, Michael John-Lewis offered to give the whole crew a lift, kind soul! We got to Maidstone and set ourselves up at call time 07.00 when The Muggleton opened. One after one the actors showed up, and it was great finally meeting and talking with them in person. 

// Pre-shoot prep, Michael John-Lewis (as Patrick Jane) & Michael Gamble (as Tommy Olds)

One of the actors were stuck in traffic, which made room for some good prep time with the other two, as we couldn´t start shooting without the last character due to continuity as all three characters are in shot mostly all the way through. This resulted in being delayed one and a half hour, and I could definitely feel the itchy prickles of stress creeping up on me. 

// In action screenshot, Michael Gamble (as Tommy Olds) & Laurence Helgesen (as Kimball Cho)

Luckily once we started shooting, the time didn´t become an issue and we actually managed to finish before the set wrap time 12.00. We did have some technical delays with the boom because we were recording the sound with a zoom, wich sucked the power out of the batteries like crazy. We had to go buy more packets of batteries, but apart from power-sucking batteries everything ran smoothly, and we only had to change the camera battery once during the shoot. 

// In action, Imogen Polycarpou on sound

I made sure the actors and crew had water and refreshments like crisps, croissants etc. As well as before shoot, all actors got powdered with a matte skin powder to prevent shine, reflection or sweat. 

// Pre-shoot prep, Joshua Jones as cameraoperator

The actors did a great job memorizing the scripts, not looking at it even once under shooting. The lines sat as hard set concrete and flowed fluently. This made the process of shooting easy, and with myself equipped with storyboard and script, it was easy to give starting points, directions and camera positions. It made a good workflow, for both crew and cast, as well as we managed to have a few laughs and loads of fun doing the work. 

// In action, myself directing Michael G. (Tommy) and Michael J.L (Patrick)

All in all, I am very happy, relieved and pleased with today's shoot, working with these guys was amazing and great fun. Thank you to all of you for doing an amazing job! 

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//Images shot by Joshua Jones
with Canon 7D

Image shot by me
with iPhone 6

Screenshots from footage

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