Lesli Linka Glatter


Quick facts:
Born 1953
5 wins and 15 nominations
2 DGA Awards
2 OFTA Television Awards
Nominated for 1 Oscar
film, network, cable and
premium cable televsioion drama.
Majority of work in - TV/Televsion series

"I don’t think it’s easy for anyone to be a director, but I absolutely believe that the playing field needs to be equal. It shouldn’t be harder for a woman, and the fact that this is still an issue now in 2015 is really outrageous[..]

Lesli is an American film and television director, where majority of her work is within tv and television sereis. In the beginning she started out as an dancer and choreographer, working in Europe, Asia and the United States. Then her career began at the American Film Institute´s Directing Workshop for women. The first short film she made "Tales of Meeting and Parting"(1985) was produced by Sharon Oreck, and was nominated for an Academy award. It also won several awards at festivals throughout the country.

She has worked on numerous series and shows, amongst them, "Homeland"(2011), "The Newsroom"(2012), "The Walking Dead"(2010), "Gilmore girls"(2000) and "Pretty Little Liars"(2010). 

2010 Lesli was nominated for an Emmy Award, directing "Mad Men"(2007), as well as she in the same year won the Directors Guild Award Achievement in a Dramatic Series, for the same episode. She serves on the board of the Directors Guild of America, the Western Directors Council and is also the co-chair of the Diversity Task Force, as well as being an advisor at the Sundance Directors Lab. 

What ineterested me about Lesli´s work, was the vast majority of tv series/shows she has done through the years. In which all of these has turned out to become huge on tv, gaining loads of fans all over the world. She has worked on series across a few different genres, most of them beung the drama as well as a bit of crime. This is where it fits in with the series I have chosen to direct. 

I have chosen to especially look at det differences or similitaries between Pretty Little Liars and The Mentalist. Lesli directed the pilot to the very first season in PPL, which also shows in the series that she sat the pace of how the story gets told. The similiarties between PLL and The Mentalist is definitley the mysetry in each episode, as well as the crime aspect of it. When it comes to the style of the episodes, I believe PLL to have quite a few more detail and interesting shots. But overall both of them is very standard shot. 

The differences I will say is mainly the story, whereas in The Mentalst there is a new case in ech episode, and in PLL we are continously following/picking up the storyline from the alst episode into the next one. Again, they are both leading up to a final goal or hopefully sulution. Which a series in general need for the story to develop and have something to work/move towards.

In the series Lesli has directed ther eis definitley a certain type of style going on through the episodes. How she chooses to present the different aspects in each project, is rather interesting. And I truly admire her for being a good role-model for all women in the business. Where she in an interview with  Deadline.com, expresses her thoughts around the ´lack`of women in the industry. 

"When I started directing over 20 years ago, if you would have asked me would we be talking about this in 2015 I would have said, categorically, absolutely not–this will be a non-issue. The fact that statistically it’s the same and it’s when I started directing 20 years ago, that’s crazy. This is unacceptable. Again, directing is not for the faint of heart regardless of gender, but gender should not be an issue."
- -
If there is a couple of things I will take with me into my own process of directing, it is definitley the inspiriation of being able to go ahead and represent and be a part of contributing to a higher prosentage of women in the industry. As well as when it comes to overall style of directing. I really like haw Lesli sets the pace for the episode, and stratigically works through them, making it interesting and exciting to watch. I really want to be able to achive the same kind of interest from an audience, and the same kind of excitement. 


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