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Decisions have been reached a few weeks ago, where these guys were the ones picked out to play the roles of Patrick Jane, Tommy Olds and Kimball Choo in "The Mentalist" drama-scene I am directing.

Because it was quite a few interested, I decided to have an audition round a couple of weeks ago. Where all the interested actors sent an audition tape on email. After looking through them all,  I carefully chose the top two for each role, before I made a final decision on who would get which part.   Here are the results, and I have also made sure that the actors have a 100% commitment to the project, to prevent drop-outs unless it´s an important reason, like healt issues or loss in family etc.

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The Mentalist, main character - Patrick Jane (in the original series played by Simon Baker) is a former psychic whose wife and daughter are murdered by the famed serial killer known only as Red John. After the horrific crime is discovered, Jane dedicates his life to hunting down and capturing Red John.


Suspect - Tommy/Thomas Olds (in the original series played by Frederick Koehler) a mentally-challenged boy, in a case where former members of a National
Guard veteran unit were killed in various fires.


Cop, CBI - Kimball Cho (in the original series played by Tim Kang) Cho is a tough but dedicated C.B.I. (California Bureau of Investigation) agent. An ex-Marine, Cho is very much by the book and rarely smiles.

Here is the CALL SHEET that will be used on shooting day. Every actor and crew member has been emailed this and any further questions etc. will be clarified with them if they have any.  I have also made agreements with each of the actors on what clothes/wardrobe they will be wearing. And they have been very helpful in finding clothes from their own closets, due to this being a student production and I don't have the possibility to buy or rent out wardrobe. 

//All images screenshot from Casting Call Pro and Call Sheet

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