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In our second unit, the project evolves around directing. We are challenged to direct a self-portrait - (1-2 minutes) as well as directing scenes from a chosen drama series - (5-6 minutes) and recreate them into the style of the direction we want them to be. Our style, and our interpretations.

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"The Mentalist"

A 20 to 25 episodes American drama-crime series from CBS, between 2008 and 2015. "Famous "psychic" outs himself as fake and starts working as a consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation so he can find ´Red John,` the madman who killed his wife and daughter."

The directors on the episodes of this series has been:
David Nutter, Chris Long, Norberto Barba, Charles Beeson, Eric Laneuville + others.

I got recommended this series by a friend of mine, and logged on to youtube to check out a few clips, and it just captured my attention and interest from the first few clips and episodes. So it turned out I liked it, and then I started looking at the direction style to see what it was like. The already exciting style of direction interested me, as well as inspired me to get to know how I can do it. A lot of the different shots are very "normal" and standard, so it inspired me to see what I can do to mix it up a little bit and try to give it more details and perhaps a new/interesting way of looking at things.

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