A short film written and directed 
 Robbie Barclay
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Quick facts:
- Narrative Drama
- Duration 15 min
- Vimeo Staff Pick
- Vimeo Short of the week

In rural Pennsylvania, a young man's life is forever changed when he goes behind the back of his drug dealing mentor.

Ben Mahan
Patrick Cassidy
Danielle Heaton

Cinematographer: Danny April
Assistant Director: Shawn Collins
Production Coordinator: Mark Riling
Gaffer: Sean Gradwell
Assistant Camera: Bryan Heffernan
Hair and Make Up Artist: Jackie Risotto
Sound Design: Cayce Means
Steadi Cam Operator: John Kopec
Drone Pilot: Joseph Papa
Score Composer: Adam Amoroso
Original Music: Trevor Williams

In the beginning of the film the viewer gets introduced to the characters straight away as a kick start into the story. It is right away clear to us that these two characters has something in common, or have some sort of relationship. It pokes the curiosity of the audience, and in a gentle way pulls the audience in to the action.

The cigarettes and gun we get introduced to in the very beginning works as a red thread throughout the film. The cigarettes they smoke is significant to the expression of the characters themselves as well as the gun is a great tool for moving the story forward, and creating a suspense between the two and also creates an inner conflict in the youngest man.

This short film is truly a very nice piece of work, and I really enjoyed every bit of it. Robbie Barclay manages to tell a deep story, without rushing it, within what seems as short but still good long 15 minutes. As it is crucial to catch the audiences attention from the first couple of seconds, he manages to do just that. And keeps the suspense throughout. 

What I like about this film is especially the atmosphere he has been able to create. The credible acting from the actors helps to pull this off, as well as the locations, lighting and settings. There are elements of the cinematography that are to die for, as for example the screenshot above this paragraph. And it is pleasing for the eye to watch as the story unfolds.

It shines through that this is a thought through production. With colours and lighting also in focus, as it is carefully selected and displayed. I really like the red fragrance he has mixed in with the rest of the palette, and think it shows a contrast between anger and soberly. As well as it can be drawn parallels between evil and good. The story works really well, and has a good flow to it. 

When it comes to how this influenced my own project, I will say that it was a great story to use as an inspiration when it comes to the flow. It flows and runs along really, really well. As well as it is a good example for "show not tell." I also really like the cinematography, it definitely appealed to me as something I would like to achieve. Steady, pure and detailed. 

If you look at Robbie´s other films on his Vimeo account, it is obvious that this guy has both talent, and a consistent overall style of his work. I really liked this film, and look forward to see what Robbie  brings to the screen in the future. 

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        DOPE CITY from Robbie Barclay on Vimeo.

 //All Images are screenshot from the video on Vimeo

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