Abi Morgan


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Quick facts:
Born 1968, Cardiff, England
Won 1 primetime Emmy
Won 2 BAFTA TV Awards
Plus several other nominations and wins
Writer & Producer

“I wrote a monologue and had a few people come up to me and say: 
‘Have you considered writing for a living?’”

As Abi grew up her mother, Pat England, raised her whilst being an actress. After she and her father, Gareth Morgan Director of the Gulbenkian Theatre in New Castle, split up when Abi was the age of 11. Which  caused them to move around a lot, due to different acting jobs and offers around the country, and they were always being quite poor. 

In the beginning Abi herself also wanted to become an actress, but after a harsh, but honest feedback from her mother on a play she did as a student. She realised that maybe there was something else out there. As she was studying drama and litteratur at Exeter University, she wrote a monologue that she got positive feedback on, and people was wondering if she had ever thought of she had ever considered writing for a living. She had not done much writing prior to this, but it was at this point she decided to head towards that direction.

The first she started writing was monologues and plays for theatre, and once landing one theatre play the jobs started to march in on her. After this she has grown to be one of the most in demand writers in England. She does both film and television screenwriting, and has written on series such as, 

Life isn't all Ha ha He he 
The Hour

 As well as on tv movies/films such as 

Sex Traffic
White Girl
The Iron Lady
"The Invisible Women

"Dont give up, - do it dont talk it!"

Abi mentions in an interview with BBC how important it is as a new writer to not give up. As well as how talking to much about your idea to other leaves you with less energy to actually write it. As well as the importance to take the knocks you will get on your way, and take it all as a part of the process.

The thing that made me interested in Abi and her work, was mainly what seems to be what a very strong work ethic she has. She did not let herself get knocked down, but actually took the knocks she got and turned them into something wonderful. I feel like she is also very easy to relate to when it comes to being unsure of your future, or what you want to do when you grow up. Basically by the fact that she found herself doubting and giving up on a possible acting career, and then by coincidence and listening to people around, ended up following a path that led her to great success. How Abi Morgan inspired or influenced my project was in the way of making action out of her saying, "do it dont talk it." 

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  1. hi ida - there is some excellent work in your journal. the research aspects are excellent. make sure you cover all the research required (check back on the unit brief for the submission details on research). also, make sure we see your preparation work for your shoot. story-boards/shots list etc.
    great work so far!

    1. Hi Simon - Thank you very much for the feedback! I will make sure all the research is covered. Thank you.


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