A Film By Christopher Nolan
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Quick facts: 
- Mystery Thriller
- Duration 113 min
- Nominated for two oscars
- Another 52 wins, and 44 nominations
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A POLAROID PHOTOGRAPH, clasped between finger and thumb: a
crude, crime scene flash picture of a MAN'S BODY lying on a
decaying wooden floor, a BLOODY MESS where his head should be.

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It is here,  at the beginning of the film, we get introduced to the main character. As viewers, we also get presentated to one of the key elements, used as a tool and red thread throughout the film. The polaroid photographs.

We watched Memento at lecture this Friday, as a part of our first unit - Story telling. I found this film to be very interesting. Already from frame one, the director manages to catch the viewers attention. Which is crucial as to getting the story told, and at the same time capture the audience. It quickly drives of to be a story you cannot switch off before you have seen how it goes.

What I like about this film is the overall completed style and cinematography. The way it portrays the main character and storyline, by using simple but yet powerful measures, to express the theme, conflict and feelings. The color palette used, is carefully chosen, and I like the way this binds the expression and how this makes the story reach out with its message.

I also really like the way he has used black and white scenes, to create contrast and as a "throwback"effect. These things are what inspires me, to be aware of how I can, as Christopher himself has, create my own recognizable style of storytelling, use of cinematography and overall aesthetic expression.

A lot of Nolan¨s films tend to be quite dark or action filled, such as in, Batman Begins, Insomnia and Inception. They all represent the genres of mystery, action and romance, and the way he uses storytelling to present and visualize these genres are pretty amazing. If you take a look at some of the films he has made, it is clearly that you can see Nolan¨s personal expression through his films.

All in all, I see Christopher Nolan as a great director, and I love the way he often uses nonlinear story-telling to really underpin his stories, style and creativity as a director. MEMENTO is really an intense and at times a confusing film to watch, therefore the genre of mystery. At the same time, a very entertaining and exciting film to see. 

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  1. this is a great journal entry Ida. well done. Great detail, good images - layout and some interesting points that can be used to help your own work. Have a look for Nolan's first feature - Following. That's pretty interesting and he made it on a tiny budget. This type of journal entry you have completed here will help massively when we assess you. great work!

  2. Thank you very much Simon, I will definitely check out his first feature - Following. Thanks for the feedback!


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